1. 1940's c, The Suit Had Yellow Stripes, Casein on Paper, 13.6875x22, PPS 1467.JPG
2. 1940's c, The Show of Violence (Study for Book Jacket), poster ink, 21x16, PPS 1383.JPG
3. 1940's c, Image 53 (Heredity, Environment), Poster Ink, 21x16, PPS 1384.JPG
4. 1940's c, Image 52 (Medea in Modern Dress), Poster Ink, 20 7:8x16, PPS 1385.JPG
5. 1940's c, Image 54 (Dollar Sign Children), Poster Ink, 21x16 1:8, PPS 1382.JPG
6. 1940's c, NT (Framers of the Constitution 1), Casein on Paper, 20.8125x15.9375, PPS 1455.JPG
7. 1940's c, NT (Framers of the Constitution 2), Casein on Paper, 21x16, PPS 1456.JPG
8. 1940's c, Romeo and Juliet, Casein on Board, 12 1:2x14, PPS 1426.JPG
9. 1949, Varese Octendre (or Themes from Alban Berg), Tempera on Paper, 12.50x14, PPS 1407.JPG
10. 1940's c, There Are All Kinds of Ways to Die, Ink and Collage on Paper, 22x17, PPS 1478.JPG