1. 1947-48 c, Image 46 (Artist's Parents), Casein on Board, 14x5 7:8, PPS 1416.JPG
2. 1947-48 c, Image 36.11_The Artist's Aunt, Graphite on Board, 12x9.25, PPS 1425.JPG
3. 1947-48 c, Image 5 (Philip's Family at Carnegie Museum When His Painting Won First Prize), Casein on Board, 11 5:8x17 5:8, PPS 1413.JPG
4. 1947-48 c, Saturday Art Class at Carnegie, Pen, Ink and Casein on Paper, 10.50x5.75, PPS 1446.JPG
5. 1947-48, Self Portrait as a Young Puppeteer, gouache on board, 11 x 8, .JPG
6. 1947-48, Image 3 (Taylor Shop), Wash, Pen and Ink on Board, 7.375x8.25, PPS 1411.JPG
7. 1947-48, Kosher Meat Market, Pen and Ink on Paper, 11.50x8.25, PPS 1484.JPG
8. 1947-48, Groceries, Mixed Media on Paper, 13.625x9.875, PPS 1483.JPG
9. 1947-48, Sold In Kosher Delicatessen, Pen and Ink on Paper, 4.1875x3.375, PPS 1442.JPG
10. 1947-48, NT (Pittsburg Thugs), Casein on Board, 11.625x4, PPS 1482.JPG
11. 1947-48 c, Image 1 (Picket Fence), Casein and Charcoal on Paper, 8 1:2x11, PPS 1414.JPG
12. 1947-48 c, Hebrew Lesson, Casein on Board, 9.8125x8.25, PPS 1494.JPG
13. 1947-48 c, House, Conté Crayon and Pastel on Paper, 17.375x11.8125, PPS 1432.JPG
14. 1947-48 c, NT (Philip's Parents House in Pittsburgh), Pen, Ink and Casein on Paper, 10.25x5.50, PPS 1445.JPG
15. 1947-48 c, Image 39 (At the Museum), Casein on Board, 7x9.25, PPS 1410.JPG
16. 1947-48 c, Street Fight, Casein on Board, 30x25, PPS 1567.JPG
17. 1947-48 c, Image 40 (At the Movies), Ink and Collage on Paper, 6.50x8, PPS 1409.JPG
18. 1947-48 c, Image 6_St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Comté Crayon and Chalk on Paper, 17 5:8x11 3:4, PPS 1417.JPG
19. 1947-48 c, NT (Marching Soldiers in Italy), Casein on Board, 10x11, PPS 1439.JPG
20. 1947-48 c, Image 8 (String Quartet), Casein on Board, 11 3:4x11 7:8, PPS 1412.JPG
21. 1947-48 c, Image 45_ Graphic Designers at Work, Casein on Board, 19 1:2x6, PPS 1424.JPG
22. 1947-48 c, NT (Architect's Office _Two Tables), Charcoal on Paper, 25x19, PPS 1495.JPG