1. 1946, Portrait of Mr. Pearlstein - Father, Oil, 17x13, PPS715.jpg
2. 1946, Portrait of Artist's Mother, oil, 17x13, PPS767.jpg
3. 1946-47 c, NT (Class Exercise 1_ Squares), Oil on Paper, 8.50x5.9375, PPS 1460.JPG
4. 1946-47 c, NT (Class Exercise 2_ Seated Abstract_Purple, Green, Red and Black), Wash and Ink on Paper, 7.875x5.9375, PPS 1461.JPG
5. 1946-47 c, NT (Class Exercise 3_ Circles and Triangles), Wash, Ink and Comté Crayon on Paper, 9.4375x5.625, PPS 1462.JPG
6. 1946-47 c, NT (Class Exercise 4_ Blue, Pink, Green, Red and Black), Casein and Ink on Paper, 9.375x6.25, PPS 1463.JPG
7. 1946-47 c, NT (Class Exercise 7_Red and Black), Wash and Ink on Paper, 5.125x6.625, PPS 1466.JPG
8. 1947-48 c, NT (Class Exercise 6_ Colorful Figures), Casein on Paper, 8.25x9.125, PPS 1465.JPG
9. 1947-48 c, Halloween, Casein on board, 20x24, 1947-48.jpg
10. 1947-48 c, NT (Garbage Collectors), Casein  on Paperboard, 8.75x11.50, PPS 1485.JPG
11. 1947-48 c, Upright Bass Player, Oil on Paper, 25.25x19.125, PPS 1434.JPG
12. 1947-48 c, Seated Male Model, Casein on Board, 20x16, PPS 1544.JPG
13. 1947-48 c, Seated Male Model, Casein on Board, 24x20, PPS 1547.JPG
14. 1947, Back Study, Casein on Board, 24x20, PPS 1546.JPG
15. 1947, Seated Model in Pointilist Style, Oil on masonite, 20x18.25, PPS 1545.JPG
16. 1946-47 c, Still Life on Pink Cloth, Casein on Masonite Board, 24x20, PPS 1548.JPG
17. 1946-47 c, Still Life, Sign Shop in Italy, Oil on Board, 20x16, PPS 1554.JPG
18. 1947, Containers, Oil on board, 24x19, 1947.jpg
19. 1947-48 c, Music Box, Casein on Board, 24x20, PPS 1563.JPG
20. 1947-48 c, Pittsburgh Rooftops, Casein on Board, 20x24, PPS 1562.JPG
21. 1947, Country Backyard, Oil on board, 20x24, 1947.jpg
22. 1947, Dead Dog (Whitey), Charcoal on Paper, 25x19.125, PPS 1435.JPG
23. 1947, NT (Portrait Studies_4 Heads) Charcoal on Paper, 19x25, PPS 1475.JPG
24. 1948, Self Portrait, Casein on Board, 20x16, PPS 821.JPG
25. 1949, image 67, Lin Ho Portrait, Oil on Paper, 25 1:4x19, PPS 1406.JPG
26. 1948, Spring Landscape, Oil on board, 20x24, 1948.jpg
27. 1948, Tree Branches, Casein on Masonite, 30x25, 1948.jpg
28. 1948, Tree Branches, Oil on board, 20x17, 1948.jpg
29. 1948-49 c, Ode to Joy, Casein on Masonite, 40x30, PPS 1571.JPG
30. 1948-49 c, Office Entrance, Casein Tempera on Board, 30 x 25, PPS 1568.JPG
31. 1947-48 c, Picket Fence, Casein on Board, 30x25, PPS 1561.JPG
32. 1949, Picket Fence #2, Casein on Masonite, 20x24, PPS 1560.JPG
33. 1949, Two Nudes on a Beach (Melanctha), Oil on Canvas, 30 x 24.jpg
34. 1948, Sleeping Woman, Oil on Board, 20x24, PPS 1559.JPG
35. 1947-48 c, Model, Oil on Paper, 25x19, PPS 1433.JPG
36. 1948, Seated Model, Casein on Board, 24x20, PPS 1564.JPG
37. 1948, Portrait of Model, Casein on board, Dimensions unknown, 1948.jpg
38. 1947-48 c, NT (Portrait Studies_Green and Red lady, Eyes Closed), Colored Pencil on Paper, 24x16, PPS 1476.JPG
39. 1947-48 c, NT (Hand Study_Indicator Up), Graphite on Paper, 10x4.75, PPS 1489.JPG
40. 1947-48 c, NT (Lady Holding Head and Fixing Shoe), Charcoal on Paper, 22x11, PPS 1437.JPG
41. 1947-48 c, NT (Lady Holding Head with Pearls), Graphite on Paper, 8.75x6.75, PPS 1438.JPG
42. 1947-48 c, Art Class, Oil on board, 20x16.jpg
43. 1947-48 c, Family Picnic, (Caricature_Left Side), Casein on Board, Two Panels, each 20x24, PPS 1565.jpg
44. 1947, Still Life, Oil on board, 19.875x16.75, 1947.jpg
45. 1948, Daisy and Violet, Casein on masonite, 23x28, 1948.jpg
46. 1948-49 c, NT (Class Exercise 5_ Figure, Bird, Tree), Casein and Graphite on Paper, 14.25x11.1875, PPS 1464.JPG
47. 1948-49 c, The Mahler Theme (The Bird's Song), Casein on masonite, 30.5x24, 1948-49.jpg
48. 1948, Moses, Casein on board, 30x25, 1948.jpg
49. 1948, Star of David, Casein on masonite, 28x20, PPS709.jpg
50. 1948-49 c, Not with a Bang but a Whimper, Casein on masonite, 36x30, 1949-50.jpg
51. 1948-49 c, Portrait of George Klauber, Casein on masonite, col. Brooklyn Museum, 31.625x24.375.jpg
52. 1948, Contemplation, Casein on Masonite, 25x30, PPS 1566.JPG
53. 1949, Bogey Man, Casein on Masonite, 26x18, PPS 1558.JPG
  The New Hero , 1949-50 Casein on Masonite Board 40 x 30 in

The New Hero, 1949-50
Casein on Masonite Board
40 x 30 in