2007, The Three Graces, PPS132.jpg
1995, Tiger Marionette, Lithograph, PPS114.JPG
1995, Kimono and Wooden Swan, PPS137.JPG
1995, Hunzinger Chair & Wooden Swan, Etching and Aquatint, 19.125 x 19 PPS135.jpg
1994, Model with Kimono & Ostrich, 1994, Etching.jpg
1993, Model Boat, Etching.jpg
1992, Models and Horses, 1992, Lithograph, 28x20.5.jpg
1992, Model on Luna Park Lion, Etching.jpg
1987, Model with Wooden Swan, 1987, Lithograph, 21.5x18, PPS102 (2).jpg
1987-88, Model with Wooden Swan, 1987-88, Lithograph, 21.5x18.jpg
1985, Models with Mirror, 1985, Etching, 36.625 x 54.jpg
1985, Model & View of 9th Ave, Etching.jpg
1984, NUDE ON BAMBOO, Etching, 1984, 40x30.jpg
1984, Nude on Bamboo, 1984, Etching.jpg
1984, Nude in New Mexico, 1984, Lithograph, 25x34.jpg
1983, Fiesta Nude, Lithograph, 25.375x20.5.jpg
1983, Fiesta Nude (state II), Lithograph, 25.25x20.5.jpg
1982, Two Nudes with Adirondack Rocker, Lithograph, 22x30 in.jpg
1982, Seated Nude in Kimono, 1982, Etching.jpg
1982, Seated Model on African Stool, 1982, Lithograph, 29.75x21.jpg
1982, Reclining Nude with Kimono, 1982, Etching.jpg
1982, Nude on Summer Furniture, 1982, 31x24.jpg
1982, Nude on Summer Furniture, 31 x 24, PPS084.jpg
1982, Nude in Hammock, 1982, Etching.jpg
1981, Two Nudes with Federal Sofa, Etching, 29x40.25 in, 1981.jpg
1981, Two Models in Omaha, 1981, Lithograph.jpg
1981, Nude on Bamboo Sofa, 1981, Lithograph, 21x24.jpg
1980, African Chair,  Lithograph.jpg
1978, Philip Pearlstein, Girl on Hammock, 1978, Color Lithograph.JPG
1978, Nude with Iron Bench and Mirror, Lithograph, 30 x 22.25 in, PPS062.jpg
1978, Nude on Settee, 101.6x76.2 cm, color aquatint-line etching.jpg
1978, Nude on Oak Chair, 22.9x30.5 cm, soft-ground etching.jpg
1978, Nude on Chief's Blanket, 71x101.5 cm, color lithograph.jpg
1978, Nude on Chaise, Lithograph.jpg
1978, Nude on a Directors Chair, PPS136.JPG
1977, Two Nudes on Blue Coverlet, 71.1x99.1 cm, color lithograph.jpg
1977, Nude with Rocker, 59.1x85.7 cm, color lithograph.jpg
1977, Nude on Eames Stool, Lithograph, 11x15, 1977.jpg
1977, Nude on Eames Stool (with Mirror), 70.5x49.9, color lithograph.jpg
1977, Models in the Studio, 57.1x74.9 cm, color aquatint-line etching.jpg
1977, Landfall Press Holiday Greeting Card, 22x28 cm, lithograph.jpg
1976, Two Nudes on Oak Stool and Canvas, 73.7x93.4 cm, Lithograph.jpg
1976, Small Nude, 18.9x13.8 cm, soft-ground etching.jpg
1976, Nude on Dahomey Stool, 60.3x49.1 cm, soft-ground etching.jpg
1976, Female Nude with Legs Up, Lithograph, 28.75x14.25, 1976.jpg
1976, Female Nude with Legs Up, Color Lithograph, 28.375x14.25, 1976.jpg
1975, Two Female Models on Rocker and Stool, 91.5x188 cm, lithograph.jpg
1975, Two Female Models on Rocker and Stool, 91.5x188 cm, color lithograph.jpg
1975, Nude on Iron Bench, 1975.jpg
1974, Two Nudes with Hammock, 1974.jpg
1974, Two Nudes with Hammack, Lithograph, 62.6x90.2 cm.jpg
1974, Nude on Striped Hammock, 1974.jpg
1974, Nude Lying on Black and Red Blanket, 1974..jpg
1974, Girl on Iron the Bench, 1974, Lithograph, 62.2x86.4 cm.jpg
1973, Model on Grey Patterned Rug, Lithograph, 57.2 x 82.5 cm.jpg
1973, Model on Grey Patterned Rug II, Lithograph, 57.2x82.5 cm, PPS040 (2).jpg
1973, Girl on Orange and Black Mexican Rug, 1973, Lithograph, 62.9x86.4 cm.jpg
1972, Nude Reclining on Her Back, 1972, Lithograph, 50.8x65.4 cm.jpg
1972, Nude on Navajo Rug, 1972, Lithograph, 62.3x86.3 cm.jpg
1972, Nude on Mexican Blanket, 46.3x70 cm, color aquatint-line etching.jpg
1972, Nude on Couch, Arms Outstretched, 44.9x55 cm, aquatint-line etching.jpg
1972, Girl on Striped Rug,  Lithograph, 53.3x61 cm.jpg
1972, Girl on Iron Bench, Lithograph, 61x81.9 cm.jpg
1972, Girl on Empire Sofa, Lithograph, 81.9x61 cm.jpg
1972, Girl on Blue Coverlet, Lithograph, 55.9x68.6 cm.jpg
1972, Girl in Striped Robe, Lithograph, 68.6x55.9 cm.jpg
1971, Two Reclining Nudes, Lithograph, 56x76 cm.jpg
1971, Two Nudes on Old Indian Rug, aquatint-line etching, 9.375x10.75, 1971.jpg
1971, Two Models on Couch, 45x55 cm, aquatint-line etching, PPS024.jpg
1971, Reclining Nude on Green Couch, 1971.jpg
1971, Reclining Nude on Green Couch, 1971, Lithograph, 68.6x55.9 cm.jpg
1971, Girl on Stool,  Lithograph, 61x45.7 cm.jpg
1970, Two Female Figures, Lithograph, 76.2x55.9 cm.jpg
1970, Nude on Sofa with Drape, 1970, Lithograph, 43.5x66 cm.jpg
1970, Nude on Eames Chair, 44x36 cm, aquatint-line etching, PPS020.jpg
1970, Figure on Folding Chair, Lithograph, 76.2x55.9 cm.jpg
1969, Two Nudes, Lithograph, 57x73.7 cm.jpg
1969, Nude on Couch, 1969, Lithograph, 55.9x76.2cm.jpg
1969, Nude Curled Up, 1969, Lithograph, 46x58.5 cm.jpg
1968, Nude Couple Oversize, 1968, Lithograph, 69x99.5 cent.jpg
1968, Knees Front, Lithograph, 46x64.3 cent.jpg
1978-79, Macchu Pichu, 1978-79, Etching.jpg
1978-79, Machu Picchu, Etching and aquatint, 28.25x40, 1978-79.jpg
1978, Ruins at Gran Quivera, 1978, Lithograph.jpg
1978, View Over SoHo, Lower Manhattan, 1978, Etching, 76.2x101.6 cm.jpg
1978, View Over Soho, Lower Manhattan, Etching and aquatint, 30x40.jpg
1979, Canyon de Chelly,  Lithograph.jpg
1979, Sacsahuman, 1979, Etching.jpg
1979, Temple at Abu Simbel, 1979, Etching.jpg
1979, Temple of Hatshepsut, 1979, Etching.jpg
1979, The Sphinx, 1979, Etching.jpg
1979, Tinturn Abbey, Etching.jpg
1981, Monument Valley, 1981, Etching.jpg
1981, Mummy Cave Ruins at Canyon de Chelly, 1981-81, Etching.jpg
1983, Temple at Paestum, Etching, 28.5x40.25 in.jpg
1984, Adobe Ruin & Rock, Lithograph, 22.375x25.75.jpg
1984, St. Ivo, 1984, Etching.jpg
1986, Tomb of Zachariah, Lithograph, 29x36.5.jpg
1986, View from the Citidel, Etching, 1986.jpg
1987-88, Jerusalem, Kidron Valley, Woodcut, 40.125x119.jpg
1987-88, Jerusalem, Temple Mount, Woodcut, 18.625x27.jpg
1989, Ragnaia, 1989, Etching.jpg
1994, Canyon de Chelly Ruins, Etching, 32.5x45 in 1994.jpg
1994, Canyon de Chelly Ruins, Etching, 32.5x45 in.JPG
1995, Vista de Chavon.JPG
1997, Pagan, Mayanmar, Lithograph, 23.75x29 in.JPG
1998, Ankor Wat, Lithograph, 22x33 in.JPG